Judicial Accountability

Historically Indian judiciary has enjoyed highest amount of independence and has been held least accountable, but this never meet that the judiciary can be allowed to be can imperia in case of any erosion of values in judiciary, law must heavily come down. 

Judges should be held accountable, since depletion of values in judiciary.

 So far, more deplorable, but what mechanism should be adopted for judicial accountability? 

Which actions will attract accountability? In Indian scenario, what is the status of the judicial accountability? 

What should be done to improve the situation and how far the 2006 Bill ensure accountability? 

These are the aspects of primarily dealt by this Article. Judicial accountability, as a concept, is much debated. Since, it is very difficult to law in precise words as a term in simplest it means answerability or responsibility.

 It is conception and methods vary from one Nation to other, depending on the situations prevailing. Traditionally, most of the constitutions provide process of impeachment of judges for ensure judicial accountability.

 But impeachment is a process but it is not sound soul sufficient to deal with judicial accountability. The two prime questions to be answered while framing a model of accountability are:

1.  1.     the method to be adopted which will ensure accountability without impairing the Independence of Judiciary
2.      Whether Accountability is for administrative function? Or judicial function? Or both?

2.   The answers to these questions will be given in the explanation.


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