Judicial Accountability

Judicial Accountability :

Judicial accountability today is the catch phrase in many countries.

Judges no longer can oppose calls for greater Accountability on the ground that it will impinge on their independence.

Judicial Independence and Judicial Accountability must be sufficiently balanced so as to strengthen judicial integrity for effective judicial impartiality setting up off an independent judicial complaint.

 Mechanism like a complaint commission and it is therefore not inconsistent with Judicial Independence under international standards with the increase in judicial activism, there has been a corresponding increase in the need for Judicial Accountability in Indian constitution there is an express provision off judicial review to be exercised by constitutional courts.

Under this power of judiciary, it is acting as a guardian of the constitution, its values and protecting it from illegality, arbitrariness, mollified, and corruption of other wings of the state.

 But how to deal with the situation “CUSTODIET IPSOS COSTODOUS” what happens when the same is prevalent in the judiciary. 

In 20th century, the corruption has become universal phenomenon because there is no system in the world which is not reflected by corruption every judiciary is no exception and there have been instances of corruption by judges in the past.

There is an erosion of the values in the judicial system. It will be Shear Hypocrisy. Indian judges are considered as   super humans. They are given the highest amount of respect so even an ioty of corruption in judiciary.


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