Constitution Of High Court

Constitution Of High Court:

In India every state has got High Court. This is the higher Judiciary in respect of the state.

Constitution Of High Court In The States : 

Article 214 deals with a High Court by each state.

Article 215 deals with the High Courts to be courts of record.

Appointment of Judges of High Court : 

Under Article 217 the President of India by warrant under his hand and seal after consultation with the Chief Justice of India, the Governor of the State, in case of appointment other than Chief Justice, appoint the Judges of the High Court. The Judges of the High Court shall retire after attaining the age of 62 or he may resign from his office. The Judge of the High Court can also be removed under the same procedure as stated Article 124(4). The High Courts are also constitutional courts by exercising powers, under Article 226 original writ Jurisdiction in the nature of 

A. Habeas Corpus

B. Mandamus

C. Prohibition

D. Quo-warrant

E. Certiorari

A part from the above original Jurisdiction the High Courts have powers of appeals from the Orders passed by subordinate courts in the state in respect of civil and criminal matters.

The High Court’s additionally, exercises the power of superintend dense / supervisory powers under Article 227 over the subordinate courts.


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