Objectives of the Independence of Judiciary

The objectives of the Study of Independence of Judiciary and its Accountability is for the purpose of ascertaining whether the Independence of Judiciary is truly Independent, and if so how it is preserved and protected. The other aspect of Judicial Accountability is concerned whether the Constitution of India provides any safeguards regarding Accountability of Judiciary or not? How Judiciary Accountability can be determine and with what parameters? How Judicial Accountability is enforced? Whether there is any Independent Institution, Authority, Tribunal, Commission, etc. is constituted and available to enforce Accountability against the Independence of Judiciary? For this purpose, factors it include the following 

(1) To study the native and scope of the Independence of Judiciary in India. 
(2) To study the appointment of Judges in Higher Judiciary in the light of Supreme Court Cases regarding more transparency in the appointment. 
(3) To study the Judicial Accountability under the Indian Constitution? 
(4) To study the structural analysis of Higher Judiciary in India? 
(5) To study the recommendations of Law Commission regarding Judicial Accountability including National Judicial Commission and Judges Inquiry Bill. 

(a) It is to be taken into consideration that the Judicial Accountability is different from the Accountability of the Judicial System. 
(b) The principles and standards are to be laid down for ascertainment of Judicial Accountability. 
(c) For enforcement of Judicial Accountability it is fealty that they should be a code of conduct covering both Higher Judiciary and the Subordinate Judiciary. 

Today, whether there is any such code of conduct to Higher Judiciary? Whether is any code of conduct to the Lower Judiciary? Is permissible or is it within the scope and extent of its powers and Jurisdiction? Whether such Judicial Activism can be treated as exceeding the powers by the Indian Judiciary beyond its Jurisdiction? Whether such Judicial Activism can be restrained or restricted if so by wham?


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