Justice and Freedom Basic Overview

Justice and Freedom to do the same is not a wholesome unrestrained it is Justice as per law for time being in force and freedom to do Justice in the manner, permissible by law. Both Justice and Freedom are subjective in the sense, the Justice is what a Judge understands from own point of view and Freedom to do Justice is freedom to elicit the truth. The Indian Judicial System under heavy strains and stress and at times, it is the Judiciary which is on trail. Thus, it requires immediate life-saving drug. If “Justice is what Justice does”, Justice is writ large and the time has emphatically come to understand.

            The Judiciary is facing internal threats due Judicial misconduct which has, of late, raised it’s ugly head though it is unheard of the glorious post, internal threats emanate from within and pollute the very source of Justice. Corruption has now become a monarch of all its surveys in all spheres of our life and everything which is calculated to influence the Judges came under it is category. Bribery, it is hospitalities of various kinds are the chief forms of corruption in the Judiciary. Judicial misconduct is not provable because there are no eyewitness to testify nor there is safe outlet. Provided by law against Judicial misbehaviour but it threatens to erode the Public faith and affects the Independence of Judiciary.

Corruption pollutes the very air that breath. In order to create Public Confidence in the court, the persons of the Higher Judiciary must come forward voluntarily to submit to Investigation at least in respect of an act or acts under suspicion. Participation of Judges in Public reception and parties should be minimised and to refrain from other public functions.


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