Independence of Judiciary Definition of the Jurisprudence

An analytic study of the Indian Ancient Jurisprudence and the modern Jurisprudence will help us to give some thoughts about the inception and growth of Indian Judiciary. It also helps us to find out the areas where further thoughts to be made for better improvement today with the experience gained from the ancient period till the modern time.

Definition of the Jurisprudence :

            Jurisprudence is the philosophy of law. It seeks to explain what law is about in the most general way. Most of the laws deal with the specific subjects like C.P.C, CRPC, IPC, Evidence, Law of Income Tax, I.D Act, etc.., the purpose of study is to focus on what law is ? What its purpose, how it is originated, how does it develop, what are its basic concepts and structure ?. What is its relation with other social phenomena like the Economy Sociology etc. Law disciplines the society, ensures a code of conduct to individual or collectively. It establishes an orderly built-up society. In England all law was originally customary law from that British Philosophy, we developed our laws in India. In Ancient India, there were no statutory laws. The law, based on custom, is always uncertain and is often Vague, and may not solicit obedience from all.


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